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Arctic Double-Down Salt Bucket 1 Yard

Watch as this 1-yard salting bucket lays down a heavy salt application right before an approaching ice storm hits the area. Arctic's Patented Double-Down Salt Bucket has an industry exclusive design which includes a left and right auger and spinner system. This allows its' user to control each left and right auger and spinner individually to meet the demands of the work being done. Whether it be a parking center, logistics center, or corporate parking lot the Double-Down salt bucket will be able to be set to tackle the job most efficiently. Throw salt up to 30+ feet in either direction with the 1 yard model. The Double-Down can throw salt under parked cars up to the curb or throw salt under parked semi-trailers to allow picker trucks to continue to grab trailers at a logistics center. This means less slip and falls where studies have shown most occur and picker trucks can keep shipping terminals operating at peak efficiency. For accounts that have long drive entrances and exits, you can set the Double-Down to salt right in the middle of the lanes in one pass which greatly increases service efficiency.

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