DoubleDown Plus Salt BucketTM

The Features of the

DoubleDown PlusTM

Allows for a fast attachment switch in cold weather conditions! No fumbling around with wires and hoses...quickly connect the DoubleDown’s hydraulics and electrical in seconds.

Independently controlled left and right augers allow the operator to determine the density of application in either direction.

Independently controlled left and right spinners allow for up to 30 ft spread on either side. They are strategically positioned low enough to roll salt against curbs and under parked cars.

LED work and safety lights help view spreading patterns in front and on the side during night applications.

No need for another piece of equipment to load the DoubleDown Salt Bucket™. Just tilt, scoop and spread.

Uses same patented Slip-Hitch™ universal coupler system found on all Arctic attachments. Rated Best in the Industry. Allows operator to stay in the cab while easily switching back and forth between plowing and salting attachments.

Inside Cab Controls

User-friendly LCD display panel, mounted inside the cab, offers total and independent control of dual augers and spinners, allowing operators to customize their salt applications. Set your spread numbers from 0 to 10 to control your density and distance on either side independently.

The Benefits of the

DoubleDown PlusTM

  • Take complete control of your spreading parameters for distance, density and direction.
  • Save salt by optimizing pattern and density, and eliminating wasteful overlapping and dispersal.
  • No need to wait until cars have left the lot for optimal salting. Low to the ground ejection ports reach under parked cars, making effective daytime salting possible.
  • Salting under parked cars means fewer insurance claims. Now you can salt entire parking lots evenly during shopping hours when lots are full.
  • Unobstructed operator visibility assures safe and effective results.
  • Low light operations a breeze. Late afternoon and evening shoppers will experience fewer slip and falls than before.
  • Operators will love it! The Slip-Hitch™ universal coupler system will allow seamless transitioning between plowing and salting attachments. Great for retention of equipment operators during low snow winters as they will be able to perform in a salting role using their same equipment.
  • Clients will love it too! Expect improved client relations as requests for repeat applications of salt are not dependent upon the return of a salt truck from its complete route.
  • Available in four sizes to guarantee a perfect fit for your skid steer, track vehicle or wheel loader!

DoubleDown Plus Salt Bucket™ Brochure