DoubleDown Salt BucketTM

The Features of the


All hydraulics are controlled manually on the bucket.

No need to route wires for a control panel in order to operate the salter. This bucket is design to make setup and operation simple and easy.

Control the auger's speed, independently from the spinners, to determine the density of your salt application. Unlike the DoubleDown Plus Salt Bucketâ„¢ dual auger design, this bucket sports a singular auger that feeds both spinners.

Control the speed of the spinners, independently from the auger, to adjust the spread range (up to 30 feet on each side) of the salter. Unlike the DoubleDown Plus Salt Bucketâ„¢, where you can have different speeds on each side simultaneously, this bucket allows for only one speed for both spinners.

Uses same patented Slip-Hitch™ universal coupler system found on all Arctic attachments. Rated Best in the Industry. Allows operator to stay in the cab while easily switching back and forth between plowing and salting attachments.

Every DoubleDown Salt Bucket comes standard with a powder-coated finish, but can also be ordered in galvanized or stainless steel.

The Benefits of the


  • Take complete control of your spreading parameters for distance and density.
  • Save salt by optimizing pattern and density, and eliminating wasteful overlapping and dispersal.
  • No need to wait until cars have left the lot for optimal salting. Low to the ground ejection ports reach under parked cars, making effective daytime salting possible.
  • Salting under parked cars means fewer insurance claims. Now you can salt entire parking lots evenly during shopping hours when lots are full.
  • Unobstructed operator visibility assures safe and effective results.
  • Operators will love it! The Slip-Hitch™ universal coupler system will allow seamless transitioning between plowing and salting attachments. Great for retention of equipment operators during low snow winters as they will be able to perform in a salting role using their same equipment.
  • Clients will love it too! Expect improved client relations as requests for repeat applications of salt are not dependent upon the return of a salt truck from its complete route.