The All New Raptor™

Causing the extinction of snow and ice all winter long

Lately, we at Arctic have taken a fresh look at the marketplace, as many competitors have flooded the market with inferior products, claiming them in some cases as similar in design or performance to the Arctic Sectional SnoPusher™. Of course, we own all of the truly significant patents, and can assure you that those claims are simply untrue.

What is true is that there are contractors who would like to see many of the performance and technology characteristics of the Arctic Sectional in a more affordable design.

Introducing the Raptor™ and Raptor Plus™. Now, any snow contractor, regardless of the size of his business, can own an Arctic. Come visit any of our more than 180 dealers and see for yourself.

Key features of the

RaptorTM & Raptor PlusTM

Thick Rubber Edge

Heavy duty thick rubber cutting edge, 2" x 10". Reversible use for twice the wear.

Available on the Raptor Only
Spring-Loaded Steel Trip Edge

The Raptor’s spring-loaded steel sectioned trip edge blades allow it to scrape packed ice and snow off the pavement and trip over obstacles up to 4” in height.

Available on the Raptor Plus Only
Interchangeable Slip-Hitch™ Design

Easily change the Raptor’s coupler hooks to fit all manufacturer’s wheel loaders. Patented Slip-Hitch™ floats to keep all four machine tires on the pavement.

Available on the Raptor & Raptor Plus
Removable Side Panels

Raptor's side panels are removable for easy replacement. Should a side panel damage, simply bolt on a replacement.

Available on the Raptor & Raptor Plus
Mechanical Slip-Hitch™

Enables the pusher and wear shoes to contour to the surface, assuring proper contact every push.

Available on the Raptor & Raptor Plus
Mechanical Wear Shoes

The Raptor's floating mechanical wear shoes allow the pusher to automatically adjust to the pavement.

Available on the Raptor Plus Only

Raptor & Raptor Plus

Size Specifications

Raptor™ LD
Model Width Height Weight Depth
LDR-8 8'0" 32" 707 lbs 49"
LDR-10 10'0" 32" 850 lbs 49"
LDR-12 12'0" 32" 993 lbs 49"
LDR-14 14'0" 32" 1,136 lbs 49"
Raptor™ HD
Model Width Height Weight Depth
HDR-12 12'0" 46" 1,722 lbs 55"
HDR-14 14'0" 46" 1,974 lbs 55"
HDR-16 16'0" 46" 2,226 lbs 55"
HDR-18 18'0" 46" 2,478 lbs 55"
HDR-20 20'0" 46" 2,730 lbs 55"
HDR-22 22'0" 46" 2,982 lbs 55"
Raptor Plus™ LD
Model Width Height Weight Depth
8'0" 32" 899 lbs 49"
10'6" 32" 1,150 lbs 49"
13'0" 32" 1,401 lbs 49"
15'6" 32" 1,652 lbs 49"
Raptor Plus™ HD
Model Width Height Weight Depth
11'6" 46" 1,716 lbs 55"
14'0" 46" 2,091 lbs 55"
17'0" 46" 2,466 lbs 55"
19'0" 46" 2,841 lbs 55"
22'0" 46" 3,216 lbs 55"