DoubleDown Salt BucketTM

NEW FOR 2017

Take total control of your salt usage

New for 2017, the DoubleDown Salt Bucket, the first ever salt spreader in an attachment. Now you can enjoy the convenience of an on-site spreader that gives you the flexibility to salt or re-salt when you need it most and when you need it fast!

Unlike a conventional salt truck, independent hydraulically controlled dual augers and spinners offer controlled precision salting under parked cars in any direction. A state of the art ergonomically designed control panel gives the operator complete control from inside the cab, even with gloves on.

Using the same Slip Hitch automatic coupling system that all Arctic plows and pushers utilize, an operator can move easily between attachments in seconds, without ever leaving his or her warm cab. Just hook it on, scoop salt from a pile, level it and then start salting. It’s that easy!

  • Reduce slip and falls with more timely saltings
  • Increase operator retention by letting them share in the salting duties
  • Improve your customer service by being ready to respond more easily to re-salting requests
  • Perform quality salting during the daylight hours when parking lots are crowded